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While the products are science-backed, the about us page doesn’t confuse visitors with difficult-to-understand facts. LoveBug Probiotics’ page effectively includes all the information you’d need on the company to make an informed purchasing decision. That includes how the founder came up with the idea, her personal ties to the vision, and the science behind her probiotic. The about us page is pithy and leads with a cute bulldog — fitting the name and the brand.

Many times, guest bloggers fail because they focus on the publications instead of the content. That’s a good strategy to make sure you get published, but it serves the publishers’ goals, instead of yours. That’s why I wanted to create this comprehensive guide to guest blogging that anyone, from any industry, can start using right away. Alt text conveys the “why” of an image as it relates to the content of your blog post to Google.

Be sure to provide a unique viewpoint, and avoid over-published topics. When you’re trying to submit a guest post, it can be confusing to sort through all these different requirements. That’s why we’ve scoured the websites of top media outlets for their submission guidelines and instructions. From HBR.org toThe New York Times toBusiness Insiderand more, check out the list below of top media outlets and their guest blogging guidelines. Most media outlets allow people to submit authentic, original articles on topics that are relevant to their readership. But each one has different requirements and submission instructions.


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It also states the purpose of the products — to help customers from waking up with the wrinkly face you see when you visit Bulldog’s website. So, skip the industry lingo — that’s what Apptopia does on its about us page. Their simple but polished language effectively communicates the company’s offering while still allowing the average Joe to understand it. They humanize their brand by showcasing the people behind the company.

The first step to start a successful guest blogging process is to set attainable, measurable goals. Unlike blogs, slide decks don’t often rank well on search engines, so they need a platform for getting their message out there to the people who are looking for it. By embedding and summarizing your SlideShare on a blog post, you can share a great deal of information and give it a chance to rank on Google at the same time. If other articles and blog posts rank for that term, you’re good to go. If you only find product pages or listicles from major publications, then find a new topic to cover in your first post. Review a step-by-step guide plus useful templates to learn how to write an effective blog post for your target audience and customers.

Use apps like Squoosh to minimize the size of your images without losing the quality. After you finish writing, go back and optimize the on-page elements of your post. We already told you how to build out your outline earlier in the post, so we’ll quickly go over the main points once more.

Clients and leads are obviously more important for the business and can be influenced by guest blogging, but correct attribution can be a challenge. Link to at least 3-5 other HubSpot blog posts in your piece. Before you write anything, pick a topic for your blog post. Remember that it’s not enough to simply change up the format of your blogs and expect a sudden change in traffic or conversion.

Start creating blog content that attracts visitors and converts readers into customers. Thousands of would-be guest bloggers have been blacklisted from writing for certain websites. Because they tried to make a buck selling links or gaming the system for some easy backlinks to their website. If there’s one thing that editors know really well, it’s their audience.

And you can track how well your CTAs are doing in the analytics tools too. There’s a trouble-free toolbar across the top as well as Preview and Optimise features down the left. You can check to see if all of your images have alt text, if you have internal links and external links, if any keywords are repeated too many times and if the meta description is complete. HubSpot has a helpful tool that says, “Explore some internal links you might use in this blog post.” If you have links on your blog, it’ll suggest some you can use. If you don’t then you can go back in later and add them. Creating internal links is important for Google relevance.


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