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Once we receive the article it will be reviewed by our team to ensure it meets all our criteria and is relevant to our requirement. The article should be a minimum of 500 words and should be plagiarism-free, checked for grammatical and spelling errors. We prefer articles written with Titles, subtitles and encourage the use of bullet points where ever possible. The article should be appealing to readers, written in a conversational tone, have questions that encourage comments, and real-life examples or experiences shared in the blog. All submissions become the property of The Encrypt once published.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

If your article is promoting your own product, do not use promotional language. Try to use an impartial language about your product and don’t forget to include images, videos, screenshots or any other type of media that facilitates the entry. Before pitching an idea, do a quick search on our blog and make sure the topic is not something we already covered. We’ll allow a total of 3 links to your own website content within the article – provided they are useful, relevant, and add value to the topic in discussion.

Upon acceptance and live on our site, you will be notified via email. Cyber Security Mag accept guest articles related to cybersecurity space. A Cyber security plan represents a set of guidelines that lead to the protection of data, systems, and infrastructure.

The blog should be on a subject you have some knowledge of or experience in. We’re more interested in articles from people within the industry – their views carry much more credibility. We will only consider posts related to the physical security or fire safety industries, and do not provide linkbacks for free. We will only link to an external site when it is of value to the reader in an editorial article.

Previously, we have used several tools for OSINT purposes, so, today let us try… We value all our collaborators, and reward them with a link to their sites at the end of the article they wrote for us. My system is affected with ransomware and my files have been locked with file extension .tuuqmjqseh. Mass extension please help me as soon as it is possible…. Graphs and charts that accompany your content are more than welcome and encouraged. Also, and obviously, your content cannot infringe on any copyright laws.

For this reason, to manage and minimize hazards, it is vital to have one, to anticipate future scenarios concerning cyber attacks. Rather, we’re looking for impactful articles that provide advice, actionable information, or unique perspectives on oversaturated topics. Cybersecurity is also important to prevent attacks that aim to disable or disrupt the operation of a system or device. The importance of system monitoring is reflected in the “10 Steps to Cybersecurity” provided by the UK Government’s National Cyber ​​Security Center. In Australia, the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center regularly publishes guidelines on how businesses can address the latest Cyber Security Write for Us threats.

The darknet, especially the TOR network, can be hacked, or the information of the people using it can be extracted in the plain text…. Android is the most used open source, Linux-based Operating System with 2.5 billion active users. Because of its wide range of application support, users… Your Android phone can turn into a hacking device with just a few steps, having the ability to run tools like Nmap, Nikto, Netcat,… This article is the part of Android Hacking tutorial; it covers step by step guide to exploit Android ADB to get the persistent connection… This article explores the idea of discovering the victim’s location.


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