Your neighborhood tentacle shop Chapter 0


She gets increasingly horny helping customers, including a pair of lesbians who she gives some lovely sex ed advice to. As a reward for not masturbating at work, once Matsuri’s shift is done, Shogo takes her into the back and fucks her brains out. Throughout the series, Yurika is shown to take her job very seriously, to the point that she seems to see herself in part as a sex educator, and caring for the sexual liberation of her customers.

Our readers have consistently reported high level of satisfaction with the kind of sexual artwork that we present consistently, which serves as an excellent means of realizing your deepest fantasies. There are, however, a couple of chapters of a previous series (chapters 5 and 6 of “復興!? 異種交配―魔族と人間の共生時代―”) which include a girl with a dick… not really what I’m talking about here, tho. Chapter 2 opens with Matsuri masturbating with her tentacles, saying she’s “gonna get a weird kink” if she does this again, joke’s on her she already has one.

Read more The post First Impressions – number24 appeared first on Lost in Anime. The tentacles Karen was full of in this chapter are the 腸内環境改善共生生物タイプ (chounaikankyou kaizen kyousei seibutsu taipu, “intestinal environment improvement symbiotic type”), basically tapeworms. This series has constantly been the best i’ve ever read. The day this series comes to a close is the day the music dies. At the end of the Experience, we can provide a recording of your entire experience.

Emya, or just Emi (エミ), is a veteran tentacle user, tentacle shop regular, friend of Yurika, and willing test subject for new tentacles. “The number of tentacles she’s given birth to is uncountable,” like, she says she’s addicted to giving birth. Yurika is the “mysterious tentacle shop owner.” An educator who truly cares about her customers’ needs. Breeds tentacles for maximum pleasure and utility… hot sleep-deprived tentacle mommy, uwu. Chloe has definitely compared her to a “mushroom guy” or something, which is funny, to me .

Yurika drags Matsuri along to go address the situation after realizing what was happening; then Uniko fully explains that rather than taking a single tentacle egg? As per the instructions, Karen ate the entire box, and that’s why she is completely stuffed with tentacles. Matsuri is out of money because she spent it all on tentacles, so she needs a job. Luckily for her, Yurika has been stalking her and offers her a job at the tentacle shop. On her first day, Yurika informs her that there’s no “self help” allowed on the job, meaning she can’t jack off at work, which I think is a violation of labor laws, but whatever.

However, like the term “lesbo” in English, it has taken on a connotation of being applied to others in a fetishistic sense rather than to oneself as a sexual identification. Shokushu kan would be the most literal equivalent francos barber to “tentacle rape” in Japanese. The word kan is, similar to the word “rape,” a general term for illicit sexual acts. While this does explicitly include rape , it may also include adultery , bestiality , etc.

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